Greg Inhofer

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"The place is chocked-full of classic Camco & Slingerland drums..."

Bad Jack Studios has been the focus point for Bernie's creativity and interaction with like-minded musical spirits for the better part of 5 years, when he isn't busy touring the globe (or just being a decent husband and loving father to daughter Teresa); where the rehearsing and recording session magic is practiced and captured.

Selected basic tracks and overdubs for “I Know The Game,” by the Mustang Brothers were recently recorded there; tracks for Michael Billet's C.D. "Parrish Skies" on Vision Records; a Promotional Demo for "The Kings of Classic Rock" featuring Nick D' Virgilio (drummer for Tears for Fears); bass player Dave Meros (formerly of Eric Burden and The Animals, currently with Spock's Beard); Dean Restum (formerly of The Animals, currently with the Mustang Brothers, and Martin Gerschwitz (formerly of The Animals, currently with Iron Butterfly). Drum tracks for Chainsaw Diaries soon to be released C.D. highlighted by gifted singer songwriter John Chaney is currently up on the mixer at Bad Jack's.

Digital Performer 6 and ProTools capabilities fire the studio's core. "Jacks" is chocked-full of classic Camco and Slingerland drums, a 5-octave MalletKat (midi-synth played with mallets), and an assortment of unique percussion instruments andrudimental drums. AKG, Shure, Audix, SE microphones, and two near salvivic STUDIO ELECTONICS (no relation) PRE2s round out the balance of the essential gear.


BAD JACK STUDIOS: (626) 401-3562 /

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